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YI M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera

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  • Can it be possible to ship it to India?

    We currently do not ship to India. YI Technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

  • What are the lenses that are compatible with the camera? Does Canon's lenses or Nikon's lenses fits this camera?

    Any micro-Four thirds lens will be compatible.

  • Do you guys sell the lenses alone? I have the camera already

    We will have individual lenses on sale soon.

  • The Yi has a hot-shoe. Is it possible to attach the Olympus VF4 viewfinder (MFT) to it so that the viewfinder is compatible with the Yi operating system?

    The Olympus VF4 viewfinder would not be compatible in this case.

  • When will you guys begging selling the spare battery and charger for the YI M1? Also do you plan on releasing more lenses for the yi m1 in the future?

    We should have additional batteries on sale soon.

    We will be manufacturing additional lenses in the future but for now you can use the large variety of other micro four thirds lenses out there that will be compatible.

  • Do you sell the body only?

    At this time we only sell the camera packaged with the lens.

  • Is it possible to connect an external microphone to this camera

    This feature would not be supported at this time.

  • Can it possible send it to cambodia?

    We currently do not ship to Cambodia. YI Technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

  • Hi dear, I'm owner of a Xiaomi Yi M1 Camera. I'm interested in buy New Batteries and the external battery charger. The question is: "WHERE CAN I BUY IT?" I tried to buy it by your webplace, but in your e-shop doesn't appears those ítems. My last experience with Nis-store: They cancel my request and refund me the money for the Digital Camera Bag and the UV Lens protector. Actually: I'm waiting from Gearbest the UV Lens proector . Can you help me? Thanks in advance. Kind regards.

    We do currently have extra batteries on sale at this time. We hope to have individual batteries on sale soon.

  • Do you ship to Canada?

    We currently do not ship to Canada. YI Technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

  • YI M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera Is there any Chinese?

    The international version of the camera does have a Chinese language option.

  • Which camera is better at night and sunset.. Yi 4k + or yi m1 ? Is it weatherproof? When is the new m1 coming out?

    These cameras are very different and should not be compared solely on their night time performance. The YI 4K can be made weatherproof with the purchase of the waterproof housing. No release data has been announced for a new M1.

  • Is this camera controllable from a smart phone's Wi Fi? Thank you.

    We have a YI Mirrorless app that allows you to transfer files and Master Guide templates from the camera to your phone. Control of the camera is limited in the app.

  • Is the 1080p and 1080i at 25/50 fps video recording mode possible?

    Available resolutions can be found here:

  • Description says no built-in flash. Do you offer external flash

    You would just need to purchase an external flash with standard hot shot to mount on the camera.

  • Does this camera have a built in flash?

    No this camera does not have a built in flash but has a standard hot shoe mount for an external flash attachement.

  • Can I make time lapse videos from this camera? Does it have that feature?

    Yes time lapse is supported:

  • Can the camera in its case survive being shot with an airsoft rifle ?

    Please don't shoot at your camera.

  • Is this the international version.. or the Chinese version??

    This would be international version as this store is for US customers.

  • What's the warranty in the camera, and the return policy I couldn't find it in your website. Thanks

    You can find it here:

  • Do you guys price match other websites?? I know you guys are the official site but I found this deal I would love to get the 2 lense kit.. that's the only thing holding me from buyING it

    Please do not purchase from Geekbuying. They are not an authorized seller on Yi cameras and would not qualify for our warranty. 

  • Can it be possible to ship it to Italy?

    We would recommend looking on Amazon or here:

  • Isn't it possible to get the camera without lenses at all? Because I'm already full range equiped with micro four thirds lenses an I would only buy the M1 without lenses at all. Thanks in advance for a quick answer.

    We only sell the cameras packaged with lens at this time.

  • Is it possible to connect an external flash to camera's hot shoe?

    Yes it is.

  • Do I need to purchase a memory card of some sort since there is no external memory included? If so what type/ brand of memory card do you suggest? Thanks!

    Yes, we would recommend this one:

  • Adres in Belgium , Europa How can I buy the camara M1 1;

    For orders on our YI Store, we only ship to US addresses. For ther locations, please purchase from our AliExpress store

  • Just wondering what lens is best suited for INDOOR shots and recording? That is one which isn't overly zoomed and doesn't suffer fisheye much. Also could you guys consider selling a barebones version of this camera without ANY lens options for those of us with our own lenses?

    Both of our lens will be suitable for indoor use. One is a standard zoom lens, and the other is a fixed lens designed for shooting portraits. Neither one is overly zoomed and neither has a fisheye effect.

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