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YI 1080p Home Camera

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  • Is this the only camera that support YI Cloud storage service? Does this camera have night vision? Can the video be streamed over T-Mobile LTE? I had a EZVIZ camera system before (Chinese version) and video can't checked when I'm outside and in 4G network.

    All of our Home/Dome cameras support YI Cloud service, have night vision, and operate off cellular data including T-mobile. 

  • Hi, there..How much is the maximum capacity of sd card for this model? Does the camera have 2-ways communication system?Is the camera able to record sound? How much is the wide range camera footage angle? Thank you.

    Please find answers to your questions here:

  • I have the 1080P camera with a SD cards and all I can record is 6 seconds..... Will that Change?

    The alerts will only be 6 seconds. All recorded video on the SD card can be accessed by opening the app, selecting the camera, and touching the live view of the camera to bring up the timeline.

  • Do these cameras use cords? And if so how long are these power cords?

    Yes they use a standard USB to USB micro cord. The included cord is about 2 meters.

  • Can this work without wifi?

    No, this camera requires a wifi network with internet to work.

  • will the cameras detect motion through windows. some cameras cannot detect through window because they use heat detection and they cannot detect through windows.

    Yes this camera will detect motion through windows.

  • Can this camera be used as a webcam on PC?

    No that is not the intended use.

  • Do you have any home cameras that use battery power?

    We do not have any battery powered Home cameras at this time.

  • English manual for cube camera1080p.

  • Can i connect Yi Home Cameras to PC Based DVR and store my recordings there?

    No this feature would not be supported at this time. You can store recordings in microSD card or YI Cloud.

  • how many yi home cameras can you connect onto one account?

    You can connect up to 12 cameras to one account.

  • I want to get a camera with chinese language app for my parents in USA, but this app I checked is in English, do you support chinese app on your international version cameras?

    The language of the app would match the language settings of your phone.

  • Is bthis camera supported by Mac/Apple yet ? if not when is projected date of doing so ?

    Yes it is:

  • US version it came in 240V?

    The power adapter is reate for 100-240V

  • Can this camera be mounted on the wall or ceiling?

    Yes it can.

  • I am looking into purchasing this camera but will not purchase the icloud subscription. I want to see how the SD card works out first. If I choose to purchase additional cameras and start a subscription later is that an option?

    Yes, you can sign up to the YI Cloud at any time.

  • For the 1080 version - can I use this outdoors at all?

    This camera is rated for indoor use only.

  • Do you deliver in Canada?

    Not at this time from this store.

    Try and

  • Would it be possible to record continuously to my SD card and override if it becomes full?

    Yes, loop recording is supported by this camera.

  • How much wifi data will this model consume if ran continually for an entire month?

    This can depend on a lot of different factors. If you have a limited wifi plan you can switch the camera to a lower resolution to save data usage.

  • Can I see the pictures on more than 1 phone

    Yes you can sign into the same account on multiple devices.

  • I read that the camera (s) can only be viewed on 1 phone? In other words, if there is more than 1 person in the household, only that 1 person can view it from the phone?

    You can sign into the same account on multiple devices for full control of the camera.

  • Can I listen to just the audio from this camera in the background on my phone? This would mean I could lock my phone and still hear sounds from the camera

    This feature would not be supported.

  • Based on the information found on the Yi Support site, all cameras can be powered by a portable power source such as a Power Bank as long as it generates output 5V/1A?


  • If multiple cameras are connected to an account, is there a split-screen view to monitor more than one at a time in the same screen?

    You can view up to 4 cameras at the same time using the YI Home app for PC

  • Can the camera be mounted on the outside of my house or is it for indoors only?

    This camera is rated for indoor use only.

  • Does the app has an auto-off feature to schedule all the cameras to turn on/off on a planned time?

    This feature is not available at this time.

  • can yi home camera be viewed on linux computer?

    Their is no YI Home app for Linux at this time.

  • Can I have 2 cameras from 2 different houses on the same account? The cameras will obviously use different wifi accounts but i want to be able to monitor my Mother's house and my house from the same account.

    Yes you can do this without any issues.

  • can the 1080 P camera mount on a wall or ceiling?




  • How do you share the camera with other people?

  • Can I receive alerts for free?

    Yes alerts are free.

  • Can I connect more than one camera in the same App?

    Yes you can connect up to 12 cameras with one account.

  • How many hours i can save in the sd card?

    Depends on the size of the SD card and the resolution mode of the camera. About 4 days with a 32GB card.

  • Can it be used in New Zealand?

    Yes it can.

  • Will the camera activate when motion or noise are detected or is the vidio recording all the time?

    You can record 24-7 or only when motion is detected.

  • Does the camera activate from a smoke detector or water detector alarm sound?

    No it would not.

  • Does the yi dome have the mobile app like the yi home wireless ip? I see it says pc app but doesnt mention mobile. Are these two similar but the dome is 360 and still wireless (except for power).

    All the cameras use the same app and connect to a wireless network.

  • Is this camera different from the Yi Camera 2? At the time that I purchased my cameras, there were 2 models listed. This one, and the more expensive '2', however now I'm noticing that the '2' is nowhere to be seen on this website (only others on the internet).

    This is the Home 1080p camera which is different than the Home 2 1080p camera.

  • how do you get the alerts do you get them in a text?

    You would receive the alerts as push notifications.

  • Where can I download a manual?

    You can find it here:

  • Can the yi home camera 720 record more than 6 sec. When motion is detected?

    So far, 6 seconds is the maximum for all YI Home/Dome cameras.

  • Are all the cameras on sale on this website are international versions?

    Yes that is correct, these are the international versions.

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