YI 4K Action Camera

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  • Does this camera come with a battery charger? Also do you sell a multi battery charger? I could not seem to find a battery charger in any of your accessories. Thanks!

    Yes the USB cord can be used to charge the battery.

  • Can the camera hold a 128gig micro SD card?

    Yes it can. Please see this page for a list of recommended cards:

  • Can videos be transferred to a computer or laptop? Does this take a Micro SD Card?

    Yes this camera uses a micro SD card and you can transfer the videos to a computer. Please see this page for recommended SD cards:

  • Does this camera come with an SD card?

    No this camera does not come with a SD card. You can find a list of recommended cards here:

  • what is the different between the International and the US version?

    The US is the international version.

  • When recording with (enable) date stamp will it save in the sd card, so when I removed the sd card from the camera and play it to the computer, will it show the date stamp?

    Yes the time stamp will be saved in this case.

  • Are non fisheye lens avil for this camera?

    We do not manufacture any alternative lens for this camera.

  • I live in Australia. What version should I purchase?

    International version.

  • Do you sell chargers and extra batteries or are they available form 3rd parties?

    We sell extra batteries, there are also 3rd party ones available.

  • En que tienda puedo comprar la cámara en el área de Miami o FLL? . El precio varia respecto del que ofrecen on-line? Los accesorios son compatibles con los de la go-pro?

    You can buy the camera and we will ship to Florida. This camera uses the same 1/4" mount as the Go-Pro so most accesories will be compatible except for the housing case.

  • Can you attach an external microphone to this camera? If not, is the audio quality good for video dialogue?

    This camera does not support an external mic at this time. In most cases the audio will be adequate for video dialogue.

  • Which version of the YI 4K Action Camera do you sell? I can't see where I can select the international version.

    This would be the international version.

  • Can I take a photo while recording?

    This feature is not supported.

  • Can the camera be mounted on a tripod?

    Yes of course. Uses a standard 1/4 inch mount.

  • is waterproof?

    The camera is not waterproof on its own and requires the addition of waterproof housing case for use in water:

  • Does yi 4k will also receive firmware update of voive control, live streaming and Raw photos?

    It is a possibillity that some or all of these features will be made available at a later date for the 4K version of the camera.

  • How long does the battery last once charged? Is an external battery available for extended charging?

    The battery can last up to 2 hours. Find additional info here:

    The camera can be operated using a battery pack or outlet with the included battery removed or you can purchase additional batteries. 

  • Is warranty will be available in India (Asia), if I bought it from or in Texas (US) , Actually I'm planning to visit india in few months this year. Thanks in advance.

    Yes, Please find warrant info here:

  • Can this camera shoot under water? Does it have water proof case?

    It can shoot under water when using the water proof housing.

  • Can this camera be used as a web cam?

    This camera is not designed for use as a webcam, although live straming is available.

  • All that is Awesome and almost every question is here. But when are you launching it in India? We are waiting desperately.

    Please look here:

  • Is this camera able to use an external microphone with an adapter?

    This feature would not be supported at this time. The 4K+ camera has this capability.

  • Is it water proof? If so how deep?

    Only when used with the waterproof housing:

  • Hello, Do you ship to the UK? If so can you please confirm the delivery cost and time? Many thanks Henry

    We currently do not ship to the UK. Yi technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

  • Is this the US version?

    Yes it is.

  • Quanto custa em reais R$ BRL

    O preço da YI 4K Action Camera é USD $ 199,99. Isso equivale a mais ou menos R$ 624 (BRL). Note que esse valor não inclui impostos locais.

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