4k action camera hdmi

YI 4K Action Camera HDMI (Evaluation Package)

  • $299.00

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YI 4K Action Camera HDMI (Evaluation Package)


Standard YI 4K Action Camera doesn’t have HDMI output so it can’t be used with live VR streaming solutions such as Video Stitch Vahana VR®. However, this is the YI 4K Action Camera HDMI version specifically designed for the live VR streaming scenario.

It's exactly the same spec as standard YI 4K Action Camera, except that it does not have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, but instead has an HDMI port that is side by side with the micro USB port.


These prototypes cameras are purely for evaluation purpose. There is no packaging, user manual or spec. There is no CE/FCC certification. There is no warranty. We don’t take any responsibility for whatever will happen in future.

Also, these cameras do not come with battery. You will need to order YI 4K Action Camera Battery Replacement separately.


March 2017

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  • Will the standard firmware updates work with these cameras? The HDMI really should be included on the 4K and 4K+ models with the Wifi and BT.

    Yes the standard firmware updates will work for these cameras.