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YI 4K Action Camera with Handheld Gimbal + Selfie Stick + Bluetooth Remote in Travel Case

  • $359.99

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  • does the camera have any visual outputs? HDMI or other so I can send live vision to monitor or other

    No, this YI 4K Action Camera model does not have a HDMI port.

  • how can to buy only the Handheld Gimbal

    The Gimbal will be on sale as a individual component soon.

  • I want to buy one of your ''YI 4K ACTION CAMERA WITH HANDHELD GIMBAL + SELFIE STICK + BLUETOOTH REMOTE IN TRAVEL CASE'' set. I wonder it will be in stock again? Because I watched videos and reviews about your gimble design. It seems very good to me.And I want to use that kind of stabilizer in my travels around the world. Thanks in advance

    You can find the Gimbal here:

  • Hi. When i can buy this bundle?

    Please look on

  • when does the new 4K+ & Gimbal go on sale?

    I do not have a release date scheduled at this time. Please stay tuned.

  • Can the YI Gimbal be used with other cameras (e.g., Garmin Ultra 30) or with a smart phone?

    The camera would have to be secured in the Gimbal so the camera would have to have very similar physical dimension to the YI 4K action camera.

  • When the camera is in the housing, will it fit on the gimbal?

    No, the camera will only fit in the Gimbal when not in the housing.

  • Does this camera have a zoom lens. If so how much? Can I buy it now?

    This is an action camera with a fixed focus. There is no zoom lens.

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the package ?

    11.5x8.5x4 inches and a little over 2 pounds.

  • Can you plug the Yi 4K camera into the gimbal for charging the Camera while recording? This would provide extended camera recording time with the Yi 4K camera if you could plug it into the gimbal? This feature is offered on other gimbals in this category from EVO and Feiyu.

    No, the camera just gets fastened to the gimbal. The gimbal doesn't provide exteral power supply for the camera.

  • Can you buy the Gimbal Separate from the camera, if you already own the camera?

    At this moment, we don't sell them separately. 

  • when will the gimbal be available separately? already have a Yi 4k.

    We don't have an exact date on this yet, but it should be available soon.

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