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YI Dome Camera 1080p

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  • If the camera doesn't work, can it be returned?

    Of course, there is a 1 year warrant on all cameras.

  • I have a Iphone 5. will it send alerts (Text ,Email, and or alerts) when the app is NOT running or must the app be running in the background to receive alerts.

    You will receive the alerts via push notifications regardless of whether the app is running or not.

  • Would this camera work thru a window to observe what is happening outside the window?

    Yes it will work through a window. At night the IR feature would have to be disabled to prevent false alerts from the relection of the IR off of the window.

  • Battery power?

    No this camera requires power provided by a USB adapter at all times.

  • When you say USB adapter, you mean an adapter with a female USB outlet that plugs into house current then a male USB connection plugs into that.

    Yes that is correct. Similar to the adapter you would have for your phone.

  • do you need sd card to get camera to work

    No, but an SD card is very recommended.

  • I cant see my dome camera in the PC App and its already synced with the Smartphone App.

    Please sign into the same account that you are using in the smartphone app.

  • Can it be used outdoors

    This camera is recommend for indoor use.

  • Do you have an outdoor camera that's 1080p

    We do not currently have an outdoor camera.

  • Do you have 1 800 tech support in the US? Can these cameras both be hooked up to a Mac and PC at the same time? How do you dump the information to the Mac with a PC that's on the camera? I want to be able to hook up 3 the cameras can this be done to the smart phone and PC and Mac at the same time and be viewed at the same time?

    We can help via

    his camera would connect to your wireless network and can be accessed via the YI Home app for iPhone, Android and Windows PC. Video will be saved to the SD card or YI Cloud.

    You can have up to 12 cameras connected to one account. You can view one camera at a time on the smartphone app or up to 4 cameras via the PC app.

  • Do you have a longer USB cord for the camera

    Any standard USB to micro USB cord will work. 

  • Do you ship to Canada? Please consider an outdoor version of the 1080p dome camera with optical zoom (24mm to 70-100mm).

    Please look on

  • If power goes out for 12 hours, how does it reboot to my router without me home?

    The camera will reboot and will automatically connect back to the router.

  • Is this camera suitable for outdoors?

    This camera is designed for indoor use.

  • Will it ever be HomeKit ready

    HomeKit is not supported at this time. Potentially in the future.

  • dose it have a SD card slot

    Yes it does.

  • how many gig SD card is recommended


  • Can this camera store to a network attached storage?

    This feature is not supported at this time.

  • Can this camera store to Google Drive?

    This feature would not be supported at this time.

  • Can it stream live video to Facebook via Wifi?

    This feature would not be supported.

  • I already own the YI Dome Camera 1080p EU edition? Can I use the US edition in same app, if I choose Europe as area of my account? Is the camera that you sell here the US edition?

    The camera sold here is US edition. You would have to sign out of the app and change the location each time to access each different region camera so it is not recommended.

  • will the yi home camera wireless ip security surveillance system (us edition) work with my mini ipad ?

    Yes of course. Please download the YI Home app under iPhone apps on your iPad.

  • Can the camera be used outdoors?

    This camera is designed for indoor use.

  • Can movement notifications be sent via text and/or email in addition to push?

    Only push notifications are supported at this time.

  • Can I install more then one camera on my wifi?

    Yes, you can have up to 12 cameras connected to one account.

  • Can I connect YI Dome directly to my phone without Internet access?

    No you will need internet access.

  • Given that there is a USB connection, can I view the image from the camera directly on my PC without having to connect to the internet to see the camera's image?

    This feature would not be supported. An internet connection and the YI Home app would be required to view the camera.

  • If you have more than 1 camera, can you view all cameras at once on app or must be cycled through?

    1 camera at a time on the Mobile app, up to 4 cameras at a time with the PC app.

  • Can I pair multiple camera together into same app and view them together

    Yes you can have 12 cameras paired with one account.

  • I currently own a yi camera and I love it, but have need for an outdoor model are there any other brand camera that are compatible wit your software??

    Only YI cameras are compatible with YI software.

  • Would these Yi home cameras work in the UK

    Yes but you would have better luck ordering from

  • Can this camera work outdoors?

    This camera is desinged for indoor use.

  • Does this camera support ONVIF?

    This feature is not supported at this time.

  • I have yidome in USA New York , I like it but I want by some for west Africa, is it going to work in Africa, that's my concern thanks

    Yes it will still work outside of the US.

  • Do I need to transmit the feed to a cell phone? Can I log in through my computer or multiple computers to view the feed?

    You must set up the camera using the mobile app, but there is a PC and MAC app available as well:

  • Do you have a camera that supports 5ghz wifi networks?

    No only 2.4GHz

  • This camera works in Brazil?

    Yes this camera will work in Brazil.

  • Can this be flush mounted to a ceiling?

    Yes you can mount to the ceiling.

  • Does this camera have any storage capability at all without a sad card?

    SD card or YI Cloud subscription are the two storage options. There is no internal memory.

  • How do you know if someone is watching you? Is there a visible sign on camera? Blinking light, blue light changes, etc?

    If you toggle the camera off in the app it will rotate the lens behind its hood and will enter a privacy mode.

    Otherwise you would not be able to tell if someone is viewing the camera in the app.

  • How long us the USB charging cable? Is the cable a micro or mini USB charge cable? I need a cable that's about 9ft long for where I plan to mount it

    6FT. You can use any standard USB to usB micro cable.

  • Did this camera is iPhone compatible

    Yes it is

  • Do you make an extra long power adapter for yi camera dome 1080p

    No, it's a standard USB to USB micro cable that you can purchase from Amazon

  • What type of micro USB cord micro A micro B or micro C

    micro B

  • Are these wireless?

    They connect to a wireless internet network but must be connected to outlet via USB cord and adapter.

  • Do the YI Dome Cameras have the ability to automatically disarm when they detect that you are within a certain radius, for example when you pull up in the driveway.

    This feature would not be supported at this time.

  • What exactly does the blue light do on my camera? Id like to cover it up but i am not sure its a good idea?

    It's just a status light, you can disable the status light under settings for the camera.

  • I need a out side camera

    Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately we don't have a camera designed and manufactured for outdoor usage at this moment.

  • Is this an outdoor camera? Also does it just plug directly into my Wi-Fi router? It does not need anything else to work?

    No, it's not designed and manufactured for outdoor usage. You need use our YI Home app to add the camera and connect it to your Wi-Fi router. Beside Wi-Fi and app, the camera also needs external power to work.

  • Can you network multiple cameras together?

    Yes, multiple YI Dome or YI Home cameras can connect to the same Wi-Fi network. But each camera is independent and not aware of the existence of other cameras. 

  • Will there be 64GB+ MicroSD card support with firmware update?

    For YI Dome Camera 1080p, we support 8GB - 32GB MicroSD card. You might also want to give it a try of our YI Cloud service which supports unlimited storage space and you don't have to worry about lost of your data. 

  • Can the YI Dome camera be viewed from Windows PC/laptop?

    Yes, please check out our YI Home PC app (Note: the app currently supports North American users only, more locations coming soon)

  • Is this a wired camera or wireless & if wireless how do I charge it?

    This camera connects to a wireless network so it is wireless in this regard. Howevere it does require a constant power source and does not contain batteries.

  • Can I view this camera from My phone Remotely from another location ?, if so How many users can be remotely at once?

    Yes of course, you can use the YI Home app to access your camera anywhere you have internet. You can sign into the same account on mulitple devices or you can share a camera with a friend.

  • What is the external power source requirement? Does it use an adapter connecting to 110 v or is it USB or something else?

    The camera comes with a standard USB to micro USB cord and a 110volt outlet adapter. Basically the standard charging cord and adapter that would come with a smartphone or similar device.

  • Is this camera compatible with 5G WiFi

    No only 2.4GHz

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