YI Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for Action Camera (Gimbal Only)

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  • What does it mean, Gimbel Only?

    It means that this item is for the Gimbal only and does not inlcude the 4K Action camera or any other accesories.

  • Does It comes with batteries ?

    Yes it does.

  • Can you chest mount the gimbal?

    That would most likely not work out very well.

  • hi, do you ship to Australia?

    We currently do not ship to Australia. We are in the process of developing our distribution network and hope to reach your region soon.

  • Hello, do you ship to Poland?

    We do not currently ship to Poland from this site. Please look here:

  • How do you control the gimbal? Would you have a SDK for it?

    You would calibrate the Gimbal and it would orient itself to keep the camera steady and level.

  • Can this be used with the FLOATING HANDLEBAR accessory? I don't see any other monopods on your accessories list.

    Yes the Gimbal can mount to anything with a 1/4 inch screw mount.

  • Does the Gimbal need a sw upgrade and if yes What is the latest FW?

    Calibration and firmware instructions can be found here:

  • When will you have more available!? Also, how about a housing to hold an external mic?

    You can find it here:

  • Can I mount my Hero 4 GoPro camera to it.

    The cameras are different dimensions so I don't believe it would fit.

  • Can I mount the yi m1 camera to the gimbal

    No the YI M1 would not fit with this Gimbal.

  • Do you shipping to South Africa ??

    Please look here:

  • i also need a monopod to attach to this gimbal. do you have it too? can you please send me the link. thank you

    The Gimabl has a standard 1/4" screw mount for mounting.

    You can use this one:

  • Is this compatible with the Yi 4k+ ?

    Yes the two cameras have the same physical dimensions. The side microphone on the 4K+ will be covered though.

  • Do you ship to uk

    Please look on and here:

  • Can this gimbal be used while it is charging?

    No you will not be able to use the Gimbal while it is charging.

  • Is this gimble compatible with the Xiao Yi Action Camera?

    This Gimbal is designed for use with the 4K and 4K+ Action camera.

  • Since the microphone for YI 4K+ is located on the right side, this gimbal is not recommended for YI 4K+?

    If you need audio to be caputer in both microphones we would recommend waiting for our Gimbal 2 to be released in the future.

  • How much does it weight ? Can the battery be removed and replaced by external power ?

    Weight: 210g

    This Gimbal will not operate from external power.

  • Do u ship to India?

    Please look here: