YI Head Mount for YI Action Camera

  • $12.99

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YI Head Mount for YI Action Camera

Any time Any place, YI mount will help you to capture the world

Immersive perspective
Hands-free and and first-person POV

Fully customizable
Adjustable to fit all sizes. Holds stable on your head and easily stretches over helmets. 6-7 inches in diameter, stretches to 12 inches

Premium elastic material complemented with no-slip coating and weatherproof. 1 or 2 strap option.

Easier to use
Compatible with YI Action Camera and meets RoHS International Requirements

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Questions & Answers

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  • Can this be used with the Yi 4K Action Camera?

    Yes it can, both cameras use the same 1/4 inch screw mount.

  • Is this compatible with the Yi 4k plus?

    Yes this would be compatible.

  • Do I need to have the waterproof case for this to fit? Or can I just have the camera without any protection and have it fit? Do I need to buy any screws/adapters in addition to this mount? Thank you!

    You would need the waterproof case or a screw mount adapter.

  • Can I attach the gimbal to this or just the camera?

    We would not recommend it. That would be a lot of weight on your forhead. Technically it would mount though.