YI Home Camera 2 1080p

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YI Home Camera 2 1080p | Overview

Arrival of Computer Vision Technology from Seeing to Thinking.

1080p HD Smart Video Technology
Its sleek design houses an advanced Ambarella S2LM IP camera SoC, enabling super low bit rate H.264 video compression and featuring a powerful ARM Cortex A9 CPU; it leverages Ambarella's SmartAVCTM, a low bit rate video streaming technology, to achieve a saving of 40% in video size while preserving superb 1080p HD live video quality.

First-class Night Vision
Build with best in class Panasonic 1/2.8 inches CMOS sensor with vMaicovicon technology for a clear image even in conditions of very low light; 11 pieces of 940nm infrared LED beads; no light pollution, so baby or pet will not be disturbed by light; cannot be detected by intruders making it also your personal spy camera. This is how a night vision camera should be.

Two-way Audio & 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone
Advanced compression algorithms yields even better sound quality, supporting a sampling rate of up to 48 KHz; 360° noise-canceling hypersensitive microphone for much clearer voice quality while eliminating excess environmental noise.

Best Security & No subscription fees
We use 2048-bit RSA private key for key exchange with the YI Cloud Service, and encrypt data using AES-128. The only wireless security camera system you'll ever need for your home.

Secure your videos on a micro SD card, own your video content and access video history anytime (supports 8GB - 64GB SD micro SD cards with FAT32 format)

Enhanced Motion Detection & Alert
The latest motion detection technology reduces false alerts by identifying moving objects with better precision and reducing the impact of light changes and other interfering factors. Intelligent vision analysis algorithms only send alerts when appropriate movement is detected.

Gesture Detection
YI’s Intelligent Body Movement Analysis service includes the Gesture Detection feature allowing users interact and issue commands.

Cutting-edge Human Detection
Our IP camera captures the human figure in a 6 second video, sends you an alert of a person in your home or office and also takes 5 high definition pictures, two of them prior to the alert and three of them afterwards.

Baby Crying Detection
An advanced voice recognition algorithm detects and distinguishes a baby crying signature within 5 meters from surrounding audio and notify parents via a "Baby Cry" alert. 

PC App
Get our latest YI Home Camera 2 1080p PC app here.

Technical Details

Color White
Item Dimensions 8 x 4 x 10 inches
Item Weight 0.53 pounds
Shipping Weight 0.55 pounds
UNSPSC Code 46170000
Video Capture Resolution 1080p

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Questions & Answers

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  • How can the images be viewed when 'Card not detected'? The SD card is full.

    Please try reformatting the card. Also try removing and reinserting the card into the camera and power cycling the camera.

  • I'm looking all over your site and getting a bit frustrated. I'm interested in the home camera and I see I can save data either locally to an SD card or to YI Cloud. I can't find any mention of YI Cloud and the costs anywhere on your site. Also, how much data can be saved on a 64G SD card? You don't make finding information easy.

    Please find information and pricing info for YI Cloud here: https://www.yitechnology.com/yi-cloud

    4GB of data can be saved on a 64GB SD card. This will be about 8 days of contunuous video.

  • I wanted a black 1080p dome camera, but no matching smaller black home cameras, and no 1080p small black cameras on your website? Is this correct? Would I have to mix black and white cameras

    Certain models only come in white or black at this time. Depending on which cameras you order you would have to mix white and black.

  • Can the camera record to a NAS?

    NAS systems are not supported at this time.

  • Can the camera save real time to cloud

    Yes the camera can save to the YI Cloud with subscription.

  • Can I use it without my phone

    You can use it with a tablet device.

    After pairing to your phone or tablet you can also use with Windows PC.

  • Can the YI home camera 1080p be ceiling mounted?

    Yes. Please take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dapO8c-mqvs for a video review of the camera, you might see scenes where the camera was mounted. 

  • Can they be used outside? Are they weather proof?

    The YI Home Camera 2 1080p was not designed and manufactured for outdoor usage. It's not waterproof.

  • My camera worked well for a couple weeks. I am out of town and now only see the ap. How do I reconnect remotely. I almost think an upgrade may have occurred causing the disconnection

    You should be able to connect and view the live video from the YI Home app running on your mobile device when you have wifi connection or cellular data availability. 

  • When I hit record video in the app and then replay it why is everything in slow motion? A 10 second video capture becomes 3 minutes?

    Our YI Home app store the video clip in your mobile device's photo/video album. If the video clip shows as 10 seconds long, but it takes longer to play it thru, you might want to check if there is something wrong with your mobile device. 

  • Can it be used to capture motion outside if the camera is mounted inside a closed window?

    Yes the camera could be pointed out the window during the day, but the IR reflects off the window at night.

  • I see there's SD Card storage I assume is located in the camera but is Cloud Storage available now with the YI 1080P Home cameras? How much Cloud storage is available in weeks/days/hours? Is the saved video on the Cloud accessible in the event all the cameras are stolen as well?? How long will it be saved? Is the last in deleted automatically to make room for the newest video?

    Please see our FAQ here and contact us at support@yitechnology.com with any questions: https://help.yitechnology.com/hc/en-us/categories/204669328-YI-Cloud

  • Say i do not want to store the video in the cloud can i store it in my local network where i have a NAS Storage box or i have to store it in SD Card only?

    You have the option of YI Cloud storage or using a local SD card. NAS systems are not supported at this time.

  • It is illegal to record audio without consent in my juristicion (as it in many places in the USA) How do I turn off audio capture?

    For the Home 2 1080p version you can disable the microphone in the settings for the camera in the app.

  • what is the difference between YI1080p home camera and YI HOME CAMERA 2 1080P?

    You have probably already noticed the price difference, but there are some other additional features that are only available in the YI Home Camera 2 1080p such as HDR, a higher frame rate, and gesture recognition.