YI Home Camera 720p

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YI Home Camera 720p | Overview

Connect to your home anytime, anywhere.

Records in 720p HD to capture clear images for your records and while using 2-way audio (built-in microphone and speaker). 720P/20FPS,700Kbps; 360P/20FPS,200Kbps.

111° wide-angle lens, 940nm infrared non-invasive sensor, 4x digital zoom. Capture the scene in clarity with the wide-angle lens and zoom capabilities. The non-invasive sensor will not disturb your sleeping children.

Built-in (802.11 bgn) Single band 2.4Ghz. Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to access your camera on YI Home App at anytime.

No monthly subscription fees: Secure your videos on a micro SD card (not included), own your video content and access video history anytime. Supports 4-32GB micro SD cards with FAT32 format.

Real-time streaming to your phone & activity alerts when motion is detected. YI Home App allows you to customize your settings according to your preferences: defined activity regions, camera sharing, customize alert schedules, and more. Available for iOS and Android.

PC App
Get our latest YI Home Camera PC app here.

Technical Details

Color Black / White
Item Dimensions 4.53 x 3.23 x 3.23 inches
Item Weight 0.53 pounds
Shipping Weight 0.55 pounds
UNSPSC Code 45120000
Video Capture Resolution 720p

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Questions & Answers

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  • do yi cameras record audio too? Is there any model that can be used without connecting to power like battery powered?

    Yes the Dome camera records audio. All of our Home and Dome camera require a constant power source.

  • Do you have to have WI-FI to use?

    Yes this camera must be connected to wifi to use.

  • what's the difference between the dome camera and the home camera?

    Lots of things, but mainly the Dome camera has the ability to pan and tilt its lens to point in different directions. Please see our site for additional information https://www.yitechnology.com/yi-1080p-dome-camera-2

  • Does your camera work with an iPad?

    Yes it does. Please download YI Home for iPhone on your iPad.

  • Can a portable battery bank be attached to the 720p model camera so you can power the camera without plugging into a wall outlet?

    Sure, the camera just needs a 5V/1A power source.

  • How does the motion sensor for recording work, distance before it comes on

    The camera will track motion and send you an alert when activity is detected.

  • Can you watch your home in US in live from Europe (vacation trip)?

    Yes you can.

  • Does this work with a micro SDHC card or only an SD card (if they even make these anymore)? I'm looking at purchasing the Kingston MBLY10G2/32GB 32 GB microSDHC. I now wish I would have purchased the camera that already came with a card. Thanks so much!

    micro SD cards. We would recommend this card over the Kingston  https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-microSDHC-Standard-Packaging-SDSQUNC-032G-GN6MA/dp/B010Q57T02/ref=pd_lpo_147_bs_tr_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DK96ERZ0CZGT2F7T8MSD


    You can toggle the camera on/off from the YI Home app.

  • Can you run multiple cameras at the same time on the app?

    Not at this moment. YI Home app only allows view one camera at a time. You can workaround this by login to your YI Home account from multiple mobile/PC devices. 

  • Are these cameras good for outdoors if so show me which ones

    No, none of our YI Home/YI Dome cameras are designed and manufactured for outdoor usage at this moment.

  • Can the camera be viewed by multiple devices? I wish to set it up on multiple iOS devices so other family members with their own phones/tablets to see the video as well.

    Yes, using our YI Home app, you can share the camera access to other people so that they can view the video on their own devices. Please see this FAQ article for more details https://help.yitechnology.com/hc/en-us/articles/230759907-How-do-I-share-my-camera-with-my-family-

  • hi, I bought this yi 1080p home camera in the Philippines, and when I opened it, its chinese language version. is there any chance to change its language to english? hope to hear from you guys. thanks in advance.

    Sorry you can't use a Chinese version camera outside of China. Please return it to the store from where you purchased it and then purchase an international version to use.

  • Is there camera viewing software for these cameras that will run on an Apple computer?

    Not at this time. Currently YI Home app is only available for Windows PC, Android, and iPhone.

  • Hello! Is this EU modell?

    This is US model.

  • does the YI Home Camera have low light or night vision capabilities?

    Yes, the YI Home Camera uses non-invasive Infrared Light to technology to help capture clear images at night.

  • How do I turn off audio capture on the Home Camera 720p?

    This feature can not be disabled at this time.

  • How long does it record, and can you rewatch the footage?

    You can record 24/7 or set to a specific schedule and the camera supports loop recording. Yes you can rewatch the footage.

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