YI Selfie Stick + Bluetooth Remote for YI Action Camera

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  • Can I use a tripod with the stick? does it have tripod mount under the selfie stick?

    The camera has a standards 1/4" mount which you can use with a variety of tripods.

  • Is the Bluetooth remote waterproof?

    No the Bluetooth remote is not waterproof.

  • Can one remote simultaneously control more than one camera?

    This feature is not supported at this time.

  • What cases (if any) are compatible with the selfie stick?

    All cases are compatible with the selfie stick.

  • Is this compatible with the Yi 4k plus? And does the selfie stick come with 21" stick?

    Yes this would be compatible.

    Can be adjusted from 7" to 28"

  • If I use a waterproof case, put the camera underwater but not the remote, will the Bluetooth work?

    Bluetooth signals do not travel underwater.

  • If I use my yi 4k plus with selfie stick underseas will the stick or the screw to block the camera on the stick get rusty?

    Most likely, especially in salt water.

    We would recommend a floating grip:

  • Is there a selfie stick that can be used for underwater? How do you use th camera in action underwater if the blue tooth isn't waterproof??? How is it used when snorkelling etc

    Bluetooth signals do not travel under water do there would be no purpose of making the remote underwater.

  • can we use yi selfie stick under water ??

    Sure you can. There are no electronic components that would be damaged.