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YI Smart Dash Camera

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  • Does it have loop recording?

    Yes this camera supports loop recording.

  • Is this one international? Asking because i read if not it will be in Japanese.

    This is the international version of the camera for use in English.

  • Good day. I live in Ukraine and want to order a camera from your website. What is the final price? Paid or free shipping to my country?

    We currently do not ship to Myanmar. YI Technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

  • Does it have time lapse function?

    Time lapse would not be supported.

  • Just to clarify , this camera camn be charged on the go yes ? have it plugged into power at all times if i wish to.

    Yes you should have this camera plugged in at all times.

  • Does this unit come with a wind shield mount or a sd card ?

    This camera will come with mounting accesories, but would not come with a SD card.

  • how long is the cable?

    1.5 foot

  • Does it come with a Car Charger, or just a USB cable?

    It comes with a USB cord and car charger.

  • I am planning to Order this product, would like to know the return policy. I am living i n USA

    If you are the original purchaser of the Product and you are not satisfied with this Product for any reason, you may return it in its original condition with the original packaging and all in-box components and accessories within thirty (30) days of the date of the original purchase and receive a full refund of the purchase price. You must pay all and will not be entitled to a refund of any shipping charges.

  • Do you ship to Canada?

    We currently do not ship to Canada. YI Technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

  • Do you ship to Canada? If not, where can I buy one in Toronto? Thank you.

    We currently do not ship to Canada. YI Technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

    Please look on Amazon and Aliexpress.

  • Any discounts for orders of multiple units (up to 800)? Is there any delay for large (500-800 unit) orders?

    Please contact

  • Hi, Is this an English version? Can this be controlled through Mihome app as well? thank you

    This is the international version for use in English.

    This camera can be controlled using the YI Dash Cam app.

  • Hi, Is the charging cable long enough to go from the wind shield and around the vehicle frame to the ashtray plugin? thank you, ken

    Hard to say. How long is that?

  • Can you send it to me to Ukraine? Please contact me on e-mail. Thank you

    We currently do not ship to Ukraine. YI Technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

  • I'm interested in the action cam and dash cam. Twp questions... 1.can action cam be used as dash cam? 2.Do u ship to India? Is there any dealer selling ur products to in Bangalore or delhi in india ?

    It is not recommended to use Action camera as Dash cam, but of course it can be used in this scenario.

    Please look on YI Official store on Aliexpress.

  • Ship to Manila, Philippines?

    We currently do not ship to the Philippines. YI Technology is in the process of developing our disribution channel and we hope to reach your market soon.

  • Can this unit be powered by the usb cable ?

    It can only be powered by the USB cable.

  • Do you ship to Malaysia?

    Please look here:

  • what is the length of wire that comes with the camera

    11.5 feet.

  • Does it ship to Malaysia in English version?

    Please look here:

  • bluetooth compatible

    This camera is not Bluetooth compatible.

  • does it come with mounting bracket

    This camera comes with 3M tape mounting bracket.

  • What is the type of USB/charge cord? Will I be able to buy a longer one at an electronics store if needed?

    Standard USB to USB micro cord.

  • Hello. I would like to order a number of Yi dash cameras to Israel. However, the Yi store only ships to USA. Is there a way to ship the product to Israel?

    Please look here:

  • SHips to india? paypal?

    Please look here:

  • Can this be powered by a battery pack/power bank to record nonstop until the battery drains out?

    Yes it can. Camera needs 5V/1A to operate.

  • Does it come with the sd card?

    This camera does not come with a sd card.

  • What is the suggested size of the sd card?

    We recommend a class 10 32-64GB micro SD card.

  • can you deliver to UK

    Please look on and here:

  • Is this camera WiFi accessible?

    This camera has a wifi hotspot that you can connect your phone to using the YI Dash Cam app.

  • Does it make any sound when turned on and off?

    Yes, unless you disable the sounds under settings.

  • Can I mount two and see both in the app?

    You can only be connected to one camera at a time.

  • Is this available in Nepal?

    Please look here:

  • Does the YI SMART DASH camera support an external microphone ?

    No it does not.

  • What size memory card does it take?

    We would recommend a 32GB or 64GB card

  • Does the dash camera come with a vehicle mount? I am not able to find it in your website

    Yes, our YI Smart Dash Camera comes with a vehicle mount. Please take a look at the last product image. 

  • Can we buy additionnal batteries or is the batterie inside the camera ?

    The camera has built-in battery, which is not interchangeable.

  • Is the menu in English or Chinese?

    Depend on where you would buy the camera. It will be in Chinese if you buy it from China, and English otherwise.

  • Hello Yi :) I'am from Turkey. I want a your DashCam.. Do you send it to Turkey in this web site? China model and international model, what's the difference? Which model do you have? I want to use 1080 / 50p. How mbps bit rate this mode? Thank you!!

    For orders on our YI Store, we only ship to US addresses. For ther locations, please purchase from our AliExpress store We only sell International version of our cameras on this website. For our YI Smart Dash Camera, the main difference between the two versions are the language. The camera runs at 20mbps bit rate. 

  • What is the shipping time on items? Do you ship from the US?

    After you have initiated an order on our official site, it will take us a day to process and to have it shipped. We ship from warehouses in the United states which can take  2 to 10 business day based on your shipping choice.

  • Is the mounting holder sticker type or suction cup? Thanks.

    Adhesive 3M Mount Bracket

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